Sunday, June 29, 2014

We Got Local at #CraveLocal!

Thursday, June 26th was another well spent evening at CraveTO's #CraveLocal event. This time the event was situated in the iconic alleyway of Honest Eds. As noted in our previous post, we made sure to try everything, and that's what we did (with the exception of OysterBoy & Crazy Uncle's Caesars -- due to my shellfish allergy!). The first thing to mention is Let's Be Frank's mini po boys. Mini hot dogs, covered in pulled pork, topped with coleslaw and hickory could you ever go wrong with this delicious snack? The po boy was cooked to perfection and perfectly seasoned. 

Next up, Bite & Sip's soft pretzels, still delicious, but didn't blow us out of the water like they usually do. I was surprised at the lack of creativity they brought to the table at the event. Staff was friendly, but the table was a bit dull. The pretzels are much better when we get them made fresh in front of our eyes in-store. We still love you guys and will definitely be back in for a treat soon. 

Previous to the event, Melissa tweeted Randy's Roti & Doubles truck, requesting to see Bake & Salt Fish.. 
The roti was delicious even if it was spicier than we expected it to be, big chunks of chicken, perfectly cooked potatoes, and the roti bread itself, was really good too. The bake and salt fish, that Randy brought and made just for Melissa, was a GIANT portion, perfectly crunchy golden outside with a combination salt fish, hot peppers, and coleslaw. Absolutely fantastic food with friendly service. We hope to try out more specialties from Randy's truck soon!

The Saucy Pierogi's Jerk Chicken pierogi's were the best pierogi's I have ever had. The stuffing was seasoned, and cooked to perfection. Words cannot explain how good they were, we would post a picture but we ate them too fast before I could snap a pic! But, we did get a quick picture of their frsh dill pickle on a stick that was different but yummy! 

AGAIN CraveTO put on another fantastic event, we had a great time and cannot wait to hear about when their next event!

Honorable Mention goes out to House of Poutini's. If you haven't been by the restaurant on Queen West, you HAVE to add it to your Things to Do in the city! The poutine is authentic, hand cut fries with perfectly squeaky cheese curds and real gravy. You know we just had to mention to the owners, we are both native Quebecers, and this poutine better be up to par! And well, we were both blown out of the water! Poutini's was fantastic and we will definitely be back to get our poutine fix! Stay tuned for our full review of House of Poutini;s restaurant. In the mean time you should head on over to 1112 Queen Street West (just west of Queen & Dovercourt) and witness it for yourself.


Tuesday, June 24, 2014


With first attending CraveTO's Ignite Your Senses celebration of another great start of the season of patios, local beers and food vendors; we have decided to attend their second event, CraveLocal. CraveLocal is happening this Thursday, June 26th, 2014 at Honest Eds. Event starts at 5pm, and we can't wait!

We are making sure to try a little bit of everything this time around. Especially Poutini's House of Poutine. Both being native Quebecers, a good poutine is on the very top of our lists. Another mutual favourite of ours is soft pretzels; already being very familiar with Bite & Sip's delicious soft pretzels and fresh fruit smoothies, we can not wait to see what they are bringing forward to this CraveTO event. 

We would like to again thank CraveTO, for sending us complimentary tickets to the CraveLocal event this week. We are more than ecstatic to interact with local independent food and drink creators at such a fun event. 

  Stay tuned, more updates are to come!

For more information regarding event information and tickets, please visit this link to CraveTO's website.

Thursday, June 19, 2014


I havent had a chance to write this out as life has been nonstop hectic since after this event..

May 30th was the night that opened the gates to another summer patio season, we celebrated by attending CraveTO. A night celebrating Toronto Food and Beer! The event was held at Wychwood Barns Park. Beer, wine, cider and small batch liquor were all on ice, ready to go when we got there.

Both extremely excited and eager to start, we didn't know where to begin. With the scent of the delicious foods and the friendliness of vendors, we first made sure to beat the line up for the drink tickets before taking a quick tour around.

I first tried 'Naughty Neighbor' Pale Ale by Nickel Brook Brewery. Described as, clear pale yellow with white head. Hoppy aroma, light caramel malt and citrus on the taste. Mild bitterness, and quite delicious.

Melissa's first taste was Seagrams Apple Cider (pictured below). The cider was delicious, hints of fresh pears and strong sense of crisp red apples. Tastes more like fresh apple cider than like most of the alcoholic ciders on the market today. I, personally, was extremely impressed with the delicious flavours of this cider, its light and not too sweet like other ciders than we often find at the LCBO.

I also tried Amsterdam Brewery's BoneShaker. A deep, strong beer, full bodied and full of flavour beer, truly a bone-shaker.

The beautiful Wychwood Barns venue (pictured below), the area was clean and relaxing. Both Melissa and I, have grown up in small towns away from the busyness of the city. and neither of us could believe how calm the area was around us without having leaving Toronto!

Plate of delicious, homestyle plaintain and pulled pork from a local vendor.

 Both the Rhubarb Blosson & Honey Rye Lemonade by Dillon's Small Batch Distillers' we tried were fantastic. The bitters added the perfect crisp taste to the refreshing drinks.

This event was ABSOLUTELY fantastic, we had a great time tasting local beer and food. We cannot wait for the next CraveLocal event on June 26th!